Please fill in this form to download the adjustment animations as a .bvh file on your computer

Animation parameters

Decimal values are allowed in the three following parameters.

(1 unit is approx. 12.5cm in SL)

Please note that the Z translation value will automatically get a 43.52852 offset as this represent the default "normal" position of an avatar above the ground. You need not worry about this :)

Once you get the file on your computer, you must upload it to Second Life® with the correct parameters. These are summed up below:

  • Priority: 4
  • Loop: checked
  • Loop from: 100%

Please have a look at the two screen captures below to understand what it's all about.

Step 1: use the upload/animation menu
upload menu
Step 2: select your file and enter appropriate parameters
Step 3: Inventory and permissions
Once uploaded your viewer probably stores the adjustment pose in your default "Animations" folder. You should take it there and store somewhere approriate in your inventory. More importantly, check the "next owner" permissions on your new item, because this may have an influence over the global permissions of your object.